Daina & Oliver Travel the World 2017

20(ish) things you need to know about Daina..

I recently just turned 30.

My star sign is Virgo.

I recently(ish) just got married.

My husband Oliver is my best friend. 

For the better part of 2017-18 I spent 14 months travelling for my honeymoon. 

In those 14 months I visited Nepal, India, England, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile (for one week).

My favourite countries to visit are Mexico and Peru.

I’m a proud mother to two fur babies, my cats Leo and Hendrix. 

Over time I have accumulated a small army of succulents and indoor plants.

I love knick knacks, my home is full of them.

I’m a serious fan of scrabble.

I have a slight obsession of watching calligraphy videos. I have never tried calligraphy.

I am an avid fan of travel photography, thus my personal projects revolve around travel photography.

I take pride in my organisational skills. 

I love writing emails.

I love a clean house. I enjoy vacuuming way too much. 

My friends are truly talented, witty, exceptional people who inspire me all the time.

I enjoy all things vintage, and finding gems on Gumtree. My house is furnished with Gumtree finds.

One day I just decided to start making macrame tapestries by watching youtube tutorials and found I’m quite good at it.

For the majority of my life I was a dancer, trained professionally and thought that was my dream, until one day I literally fell out of love with dancing and stopped.

To this day I still can not remember when photography became my life. I always took photos on my old point and shoot film camera, but can not recall ever wanting to be a photographer, till one day it was my EVERYTHING.

Im quite a spiritual being - I believe in karma, that good vibes brings good energy and bad vibes can bring bad energy, and everything else in between.

My family are my number one fans, especially my mum! They are all so supportive of my photography.

I have Italian heritage.

I love art, and seeing what others can create. 

Christmas time is the best time of year!

Daina x