William Grant & Sons.

Presenting, an intimate dinner setting for no more than 10 enviable guests, who were invited to spend the evening with William Grant & Sons.

William Grant & Sons requested the enviable skills of White Rabbit Projects - a boutique styling and event planner extraordinaire - to curate a dinnerscape, that through specific styling, is to embody the principles of this well known (and loved) independent family distillery, and obviously, their product.

My job was to photograph the styling setup in all its glory, prior to guest arrival. The reason? So WRP had professional imagery to share on all their socials, that truly encompasses their services, their styling ability and to connect with their ideal clientele - in real time, with a fast turn around of deliverables.

After all, why would you want inferior photos taken with your phone, to showcase quality of work such as this, hoping they represent your standard of work, when grainy, under/overexposed images won’t portray that at all? My point exactly!

The photoset delivered varies from detailed, cropped images of particular “moments’ within their styling (as we like to call them) through to wide angle shots that show the bigger picture that portrays the atmosphere and overall environment. The client then has a variety of images that are suitable to post to their socials, as well as banner images for their website.

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