Since I’ve been about 3 feet tall, I’ve been shooting.

My dad’s cheap film camera became my cheap film camera (by default), and everything I saw was my subject.

I can’t recall the light bulb moment when the thought of pursuing photography as a career popped into my mind. I don’t think I had one to be honest. I just knew I wanted to be a photographer, and how it came to be was so organic, buried deep inside somewhere. I knew I couldn’t be anything else.

Now here we are.

In 2013 I established Daina Marie Photography, it was also the same year I started my Diploma in Photo Imaging. I enrolled in my course to further my learning and to gain a foot in the door. By the time I graduated in 2015 with my Diploma, I had already landed my first real client, The Leukaemia Foundation.

In the very beginning I worked with every genre of photography - food, event, portraiture, interiors. Everything. Fortunately from doing so I’ve had the privilege of working with such clients like Canon Australia (video above), Airbnb, Broadsheet Sydney, Bondi Pizza Restaurants, White Rabbit Projects, Andreas Smetana, and more.

Along my search to find my niche, I gained valuable and priceless knowledge of the photography industry which I still carry forward with me today.


5 Randoms things about me.

Wonton Noodle Soup is my ultimate favourite dish.

I’m a huge fan of Queen, Freddie knows what’s up!

My love for playing scrabble is serious business.

Mexico is my favourite country to visit - and buy artisanal trinkets.

Trekking up a mountain in Nepal is probably the coolest thing I’ve done!


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