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DEA store Redfern

hey There!

I’m Daina.

A down-to-earth, thirty-something Lifestyle Photographer who specialises in Business Branding photography for creatives.

I love providing business-savvy entrepreneurs with a distinctive photoset that highlights all aspects of your brand from your product to your processes.

Allow me to create for you quality and compelling imagery to make your business stand out, freeing you finally from the curse of comparison.

Based in Newcastle, NSW

Daina, I am just sitting here on the train looking at Sylvia and Min’s Photos. What can I say? These are absolutely spot on. I love the editorial style you have adopted. Even more so I love the passion you have applied which is so obvious in every single one of these photos. Well Done. I can’t wait to post. Celebrate tonight with a glass of bubbles. You should be super proud my dear. Thank you!!
DEA store Redfern

Custom created photosets for professional entrepreneurs with a creative flair or visionary mind.

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