Frequently asked questions

+ where are you located?

I am based in Cooks Hill in Newcastle of NSW. I love working with all walks of life from the entire Hunter Region. However, I can and do travel as far as Sydney for shoots.

+ Do you shoot weddings?

Yes! I love to and have shot my fair share of weddings, as well as christenings and special events. To know more please contact me via the contact form for a friendly chat about your day and to recieve my PDF pricing guide.

+ When can I expect to recieve my photos?

Depending on the scope of work or the type of photoshoot any where from 1-4 weeks. For Business Branding this is a faster turn around then for a wedding. Upon your consuktation you will be advised on a ETA for deliverables.

+ What does High Resolution and Low Resolution mean?

High Resolution means your images have more data (pixels per inch) making your HR images perfect for printing. This was you don't get pixelated prints. Low Resolution means there is less data in the images which makes this format of images perfect for uploading to social media. You receive both HR and LR images (of the same photos) so you can print and upload with ease.

I do. All images produced whether for domestic use or business use the copyright for all content made is obtained by me. If you do require the copyright of the Image(s) please contact me directly to discuss. A fee will be incured for this transfer as a result and the final decision to do so is made by me only.

+ Do you provide the RAW files?

Never! When you choose a photographer not only are you choosing one for their skill, but also for their unique artistic style and creative eye. Therefore, you are investing in your photographers creative style becuase you belive in it so much. It's like a painting. You wouldn't buy a painting unless you absolutely loved the medium and the style in which it was created. Same with me. RAW files will not be provided on any occasion so please do not ask!

+ Do you calibrate your images?

Yes. Like mentioned above a painter ensures they use the right paint to get the rught hues to truly represent their work. A photographer must do the same. Nowadays, the calibration on computers are easily disrupted by day to day life and the elements and must. be calibrated often to receive a true colour representation. I use a X-rite Pro Calibrater on every photoset I edit.

+ Do you offer Fine Art Albums?

Do I ever! I am so happy you asked this question, yes I do. They are so beautiful and such a wonderful idea for anyone who wants to ensure they have a beautful and tangible product of their images. Oerfect for weddings, christenings, or special occasions. Even for Business branding create a professional portfolio for your work like designers or other photographers. To know more please head to my fine art album link in the navigation bar, or contact me directly for my PDF pricing guide.

+ Why is professional photography expensive?

Professional photography is an investment. Yes it may seem like every one today is a amatuer photography, but its more then just picking up a camera and shooting. Learnign manual photgraphy is challenging and for those who master it know how to read any lighting situation and/or environment. They will not faulter when it comes to shooting in most conditions. Its also knowing composition, framing, posing, direction, lighting, anticipation, editing, colour correction, post production, formatting images etc. There is a whole host of reasons why nvetsing in a true talented photographer is a must! PLease read my about me to see my training anf past client work, as well as my decription on what makes a good photographer. Lastly, my work as should all photographers work, spak for itself. Its consistent, professional and of a standard.

+ Can I alter my package?

Yes. All packages seen on my site have a starting cost. Once we have our intial consultation and the scope of work is deteermined, you will then receive a quote from me outlining the costs estimated. You will then receive a invoice once the shoot has been completed which will represent the actual figure which can differ from teh quote if additonal costs were acrued. However, you will always be notified befire hand and a breakdown is always given. If you have a shoot in mind and you can not see a package that represents what you are after, yes, I can tailor a package specific to your needs. Contact me directly or through the contact form to start the ball rolling.

+ Do you use flash or studio lighting at all?

Occasionally, but very rarely. About 90% of the images you see on my site are all produced using natural lighting. Cool right! The only time I will use artificial light if its for an event and there is no available natural light, or if a place of business is a moody and dark establishment. I will introduce my flash to kick some light into the subject but you would be hard to notice the difference.