What is lifestyle Photography


Lifestyle photography is capturing everyday moments with a candid, fly-on-the-wall approach in a unique and artistic manner to tell a cohesive narrative through imagery.

The fusing of genres like environmental portraiture, classic portraiture and documentary is what makes lifestyle photography so appealing. It’s keeping you in the moment longer, long after the session has ended.

Therefore, a good lifestyle photographer is a must!

They should be skilled in anticipating what will happen next and be ready for when it does. Be aware of distracting backgrounds by using their peripheral vision whilst looking through a camera.

It’s photographing subtle, tiny details that provide sentiment and meaning to your final photo-set. Yet more importantly, they should have excellent knowledge in lighting and impeccable compositional skills.

Lastly, your photographer should be someone you want to work with, who is fun, confident, and makes you feel relaxed because everything is taken care of. Someone who leads and executes a successful photography session.

That my friends, would be me!




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