I use to be a dancer!

I use to dance every day after school, on the weekends, attend auditions and Eisteddfods, worked on getting my technique right, and wanted to tour the world. I joined multiple ensembles, and companies. I attended a performing arts high school and moved to Melbourne after being accepted into a prestigious full time dance school, that would "prep" me to be a professional dancer for the real world. 

Long story short, after 18 years of hard training, sweat and tears, a small fortune, and many triumphs, I hung up my dancing shoes and never looked back. 

However, the memories from those days are treasured, not only in my mind, but also on matte Kodak paper, filed into many of albums, labeled "Daina Dancing" followed by the year and event. 

I always had my little point and shoot camera on me where ever I went. I pay homage to my dancing days, an the amazing opportunities I got to partake in, that subtly moulded the photographer in me. 

Not long after, the dance mags were replaced for photography issues, and youtube tutorials on technique and manual shooting were becoming a daily occurrence. 

Yearning for more knowledge, and wanting to emerge myself into this industry head first, I enrolled in a two year photography course at the CATC design school in Sydney. My introduction into the professional world of work, initially was by volunteering my "services" in event photography, ranging from weddings, festivals, christenings and everything else in between., gaining contacts and making relationships that became permanent work. 

Since graduating college, I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some wonderful companies and individuals, to name a few - Canon Australia, The Luekaemia Foundation, Advertising photographers Andreas Smetana, Gary Sheppard, Bondi Pizza Restaurants, White Rabbit Projects, Broadsheet Sydney, Urban Walkabout Sydney, and an array of Sydney's finest eateries and prestigious retail stores. 

Currently, I am travelling the world with my camera in hand, documenting and immersing myself into the cultures of South Asia and South America. 

So enjoy, and thanks for stopping by. 

Daina. x