Daina dancing with her Husband Oliver, deep in the Himalayas of Nepal in a small village called Manang.

Daina dancing with her Husband Oliver, deep in the Himalayas of Nepal in a small village called Manang.


who we are, WHAT WE DO, and where we are going!

Our Philosophy

Be kind, be courteous, and embrace the success of others rather than compare others success to your own. Be true, be fierce, and always be open to development and constructive criticism, for ego has no place in growth. Be creative and bold with a touch of daring for only the remarkable can happen when you have no fear. But mostly keep the passion alive for it is the drive in us all.
— Daina M McKay


Since the very beginning of our journey, our main commitment to our clients is to provide bold, distinctive, significant imagery in the upmost professional state. We love to work with small business just like our own. To help clients portray the essence of their business, brand, or craft to their target audience, in the effort to gain more customers and business. The goal is to highlight who they are and what makes them unique.

Combining sub-genres of commercial photography such as lifestyle and product (to name but a few), we create shoots from a behind-the-scenes insight.

The lifestyle component is there to add a human element to the image, to build a connection to our clients brand. This could be as simple as a pair of hands carefully placing bonbonnière into place, or delicately trimming a floral arrangement, or a chef adding the final touches to a gourmet meal. What ever the subtleness is, the goal is to show care, precision and quality. Everything a business owner would want portrayed to their customers.

The product component is the star of the show, and most often then not, the reason for the photoshoot. We utilise the skillset as a commercial photographer to simply highlight our clients “product” in great detail within its environment. An interior designers’ “product” would be the decor and furnishings that they’ve sourced, styled and ultimately fused together to make a space enjoyable. A musician - their instruments, amps and accessories that allow us to hear the sweet sweet music. For a restaurateur - their product would be the produce used which makes up their highly considered menu, and their relationship in delivering it.

We adore working with other creatives and their projects, for we feel our way of shooting, and our processes are better suited to the creative industry. We strive to identify and portray this connection for any individual, industry, or walk of life that comes our way!

If you feel we could create magic together then let’s talk turkey! We want to know all about you, your passions, and your ideas. Get in touch!


In 2013 Daina Marie Photography came to fruition and was founded by Daina M McKay.

In the same year of launching Daina Marie Photography, Daina’s photography training continued when she undertook a Diploma in Photo Imaging at CATC design school in Sydney, one of Australia's largest private vocational design schools. Persistently working towards expanding her knowledge, skillset, and industry understanding, Daina graduated with her diploma in 2015.

During her studies, Daina was fortunate enough to secure many contacts and connections within the Sydney scene. Shooting anything and everything that crossed her lens, from event photography to production stills, food photography, to weddings, nothing was left out. Daina will tell any photography enthusiast who will listen that it is the best way to learn fast and gain valuable insights over many genres. This experience that this practice provides will be monumental in the long run.

The first of many established clients for Daina was The Leukaemia Foundation, who she worked with from 2014 to 2017 by photographing their prominent events - Worlds Greatest Shave, and Light the Night.

From there, Daina gained a solid foot in the commercial-industry door, by photographing food and lifestyle for many of Sydneys’ reputable retailers, restaurateurs, and creatives. At this time, Daina was fortunate enough to secure photography assistant work with two of Australia’s more prominent advertising photographers - Andreas Smetana and Gary Sheppard on large scale productions. This was indeed a fantastic opportunity and brought valuable insight into big budget productions.

In 2016 Daina worked closely with Canon Australia during the world renowned VIVID light festival, after getting on their radar by placing first in the Canon light awards “Street Photography” category. Not long after, Daina was invited back by Canon to be a guest photographer in one of Canon’s famed - The Lab Experiments this time titled “IMAGINATION”. An exercise where six photographers were asked to test their abilities working to a brief set by an un-expected client (You can view the video below).

Then in March 2017, Daina made a bold decision to leave her promising career behind to travel the world with her new husband for what would become 14 incredible months of exploration and learning.

A daring move to make when your career is on the up, but it was a decision that Daina would choose over and over again if she had to. Within those 14 months, Daina visited 13 countries within Central and South America, Europe, and Asia. The whole time carting three lenses, a DSLR camera, laptop, and hard drive. A questionable choice at times, when trekking through the Himalayas for three solid weeks, reaching heights of 5416 metres above sea level, and you have 10kg of camera equipment on your back, you start to ask if it was really worth it. Of course it was!

In June 2017 when she was 2 months into her adventures through India, Daina’s travel photography was noticed by RAW Australia due to her instagram, posts, and was contacted to see if she would be interested in exhibiting her travel photography back in Sydney. Which she very much was! However, due to the many worldly adventures that remained, It wouldn’t eventuate until November 2018 that she was finally able to exhibit a selection of her artwork to the public.

Since the return from her world wide trip, Daina picks up where she left off by gaining a position as an Airbnb photographer shooting interiors, whilst pursuing more personal projects, and always continuing to grow her own business within her new community of Newcastle.

The future for Daina Marie Photography is to continue to work hard, expand experience and knowledge, and focus specifically towards specialising as an architecture and interior photographer. Photography is life, and in the distant future a goal of Daina’s is to establish a School of Photography to educate and teach others about our magical world.

The Canon Lab experiment “IMAGINATION”